How OnHi works

OnHi is a virtual ice breaker that anonymously connects with people in your immediate surroundings.

OnHi searches for people who are within 100mi. to 500ft.

Set your profile up as an Individual or as a Couple.

Privately search for either Friendship, Dating or Hookups.

Only people who match your search criteria EXACTLY can see your profile.

Anonymously choose to say Hi or Bye.

Potential connections do not know your name unless you both choose to say Hi.

If you both choose to say Hi, you will be notified that you have a connection and that they would like to say Hi.

You have 48 hours to chat. After 48 hours, your chat messages will disappear and you will lose communication. Make the move and find out how to meet in person.

Enable/disable discovery settings at any time.

The virtual ice-breaker

OnHi is a great way to anonymously connect with people in your immediate surroundings and provide an ice breaker so that you can introduce yourself without the potential embarrassment that comes with meeting someone for the first time. OnHi's discovery radius is limited to 100mi. to 500ft. OnHi wants to connect you with people, based on designated search criteria that you have established, that are sitting right next to you or who might be just down the street.
With OnHi, you can search and connect with other people looking strictly for friendships, searching for relationships or looking to simply hookup. People looking for friendship or to date will not be connected with people looking to hookup. The choice of how you connect to people is entirely up to you and completely confidential.
Imagine being at a bar or club, sitting in a restaurant, working out at the gym, or shopping at the grocery store and having a friend secretly tell you there are people right around you who are interested in getting to know you and they want to say hello. With OnHi, you have the opportunity to find out who those people are and then anonymously decide if you want to connect with them and tell them OnHi or choose to pass and secretly say Bye.

Search for Friendship, Dating or to Hookup
You have 48 Hours to Say Hi